Fire Alarm Monitoring is a third party that 'monitors' your fire alarm and sprinkler system 24/7. In the event of any emergency or trouble (low battery, sprinkler tamper), it notifies the third party, as well as individuals chosen by you.

Why do I need fire alarm monitoring?
Sometimes emergencies happen when we are not at home or at work. The monitoring system monitors your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Protecting the safety of your employees and patrons, while also your property and investment. If a fire develops in your building and the alarm system activates but no one is called, why have a system?

What happens if there is a fire (emergency)?
In the event of an emergency, such as a sprinkler head triggering, pull station being activated or a smoke or heat detector being set off, the monitoring system will automatically contact the 911 dispatch center.

It will also automatically contact individuals chosen by you, in the order of your choosing.

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What is a trouble?

A fire alarm trouble can be a low battery, a horn strobe that is no longer working properly, someone tampering with an alarm, etc. A trouble is any non-emergency event that does require service, however, does not require a call to 911.

Is fire alarm monitoring required?
If your building has a sprinkler or fire alarm system, NFPA codes require that your system is monitored.

How does fire alarm monitoring work?
Signals are transmitted in one of three ways:

Telephone lines- a primary and secondary dedicated line(s) are tied to the alarm panel and transmit the specific signal through the telephone provider.

Radio Transceiver- a radio transceiver is installed on location with the alarm panel and transmits over a dedicated FCC frequency to a primary and secondary receiver tower and then to the central station monitoring thus eliminating unwanted phone lines and charges.

Cellular/internet- a cellular internet communicator is installed on location with the alarm panel and transmits over a cellular and/or internet line to the central station monitoring.