What is a clean agent?

A clean agent can be defined in many ways. The main concept is that it is a system that quickly and effectively extinguishes a fire without leaving any residue or causing additional damage. These systems can use different types of gases, fluids or in some cases even water. In all cases the agent is NOT electrically conductive.

How does it work?
Depending on what you are trying to protect or extinguish a fire from will dictate what type of clean agent is selected. Some systems rely on removing the oxygen from a space, while others use a fluid that rapidly flashes to a gas causing rapid cooling and chemically inhibiting the combustion process.

Cleaning Agent, Bozeman MT

What do I need it for?

During a fire people can evacuate the space or building. Generally buildings may be protected by some form of a fire sprinkler system. These sprinkler systems are designed to protect the building structure, not what's inside of the building. Traditional water sprinkler systems can permanently destroy critical assets such as servers, electrical switchgear, medical samples, paper documents etc. The equipment and furnishings that are not destroyed generally require extensive repair and cleaning. Failure to properly protect these assets has shown that nearly 43% businesses' that suffered a fire never reopened. The business's that did reopen suffered from the downtime, loss of customer base and eventually another 29% ultimately closed.

Are Clean Agents Safe?
When a clean agent system is properly designed, and installed by qualified personnel they are incredibly safe. With some systems people can actually be in the room as the system is discharged. Depending on the selected agent they are environmentally responsible and completely dissipate from the atmosphere in as little as 5 days and pose little to 0 global warming potential. Clean Agent systems as mentioned earlier do not conduct electricity. These types of system are best suited for service in I.T rooms, laboratories, and electrical rooms.

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